National Junior Olympic Program for Rifle/Pistol


The National Junior Olympic program provides competitions year-round for shooters to partake in. The program runs matches throughout the country, making it accessible for all interested juniors. Junior shooters are able to participate in State Competitions sanctioned by USA Shooting, allowing them the chance to receive an invitation to shoot at the National Junior Olympic Championships hosted by USA Shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The program serves as an important element of our pipeline development system in promoting the shooting sports. Junior Olympic goals are to allow the skilled junior athletes to obtain National competitive experience for future development. The program also serves as an opportunity to appoint the top finishers to the National Junior Team.

The National Junior Olympic Rifle & Pistol program runs from Fall to early Spring, with the NJOSC held in April.


2017 Rifle/Pistol State Junior Olympic Championships

2016/2017 State Junior Olympic Host Sites!!!

2016/2017 State JO Rule Updates

Junior Olympic Paralympic Classifications

Exciting news for the 2016/2017 Junior Olympic Championships!!! We at USA Shooting are proud to announce that the Junior Olympic Program will now feature Junior Paralympic competitors in our Air Rifle event. If you are an interested Paralympic competitor you are now eligible to compete in the Junior Olympic Program both at the State Level and Nationally.  Just attend a State Junior Olympic qualifying event to get your score entered into qualificaiton for the National Junior Olympics. Once all scores have been collected we will send out invitations to select Paralympic athletes to compete at our National Junior Olympics based off of the state level participation. At the moment there is no set number of para invitee's for this year's National Junior Olympics.

On the host site link above you will find a list of venues. You will notice that one of the columns list's whether or not the shooting range is ADA accessible. For those that do not have any notes please contact the range before the match to find out accessibility. If you have any questions you may contact Alex Szablewski at (719)866-4882.


Pistol Results ( Pistol Final Results)

Women's Rifle Results (Women's Rifle Final Results)

Men's Rifle Results (Men's Rifle Final Results)


Congratulations to Taylor Gibson on winning the custom suit, and Margaret Langfield for the J3 suit through McKenna. Thank you everyone for your support!


National Junior Olympic Rifle/Pistol Program

Men's Rifle: April 8 - 14  Schedule (Updated 4/8/16)

Women's Rifle: April 15 - 20   Schedule (Updated 4/15/2016)

Pistol: April 21 - 26   Schedule (Updated 4/20/16)


Round 2 Invitations!!! (If your membership number is on the list but you did not receive an email please contact Alex Szablewski at


Cut-off Scores:

Women's Air Rifle: 375

Women's Smallbore: 567

Women's Air Pistol: 319

Women's Sport Pistol: 441

Men's Air Rifle: 551

Men's Smallbore: 562

Men's Air Pistol: 507

Men's Sport Pistol: 442


First Round Invitations!!!  

Round 1 Cut-off Scores:

Women's Air Rifle: J1 – 373    J2 – 376       J3 – 359                      

Men's Air Rifle:  J1 – 555      J2 – 553     J3 - 538

Women's Smallbore:  J1 – 573    J2 – 563      J3 – 543                                                                        

Men's Smallbore:  J1 – 566      J2 – 558      J3 - 537

Women's Air Pistol:  J1 – 326   J2 – 323      J3 – 319                          

Men's Air Pistol:  J1 – 510     J2 – 513      J3 - 511

Women's Sport Pistol:  J1 – 453   J2 – 473       J3 – 483                         

Men's Sport Pistol:  J1 – 466      J2 – 487      J3 - 479






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2016  Rifle/Pistol State JO Information

2015-2016 State Junior Olympic Host Sites!!!

2015-2016 State Junior Rifle & Pistol Championship Host Packet

State JO Rule Update

2015-2016 Time Limits for Smallbore & Air Rifle (hanging 1 or 2 targets)!


2015 NJOSC Rifle/Pistol Information

Final Results & PDF 

2015 National Junior Olympic Championships Program

Dates for the 2015 National Junior Olympic Championships:

Women's Rifle: April 18-23  Schedule

Pistol: April 24-29  Schedule

Men's Rifle: April 30-May 6  Schedule


2014-2015 Rifle/Pistol State Junior Olympic Host Sites!!




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