Score Reporting

Did your club host a USA Shooting sanctioned match? For no additional fee, club administrators can now go online to input scores from recent competitions. Click here to visit the membership section of our web site to access the club administrative options.

All score implementation is now the responsibility of the Match Director. More information on how to implement scores can be found under our events tab ( 

Use these two links to assist you with the process.

Railstation Help

Apply for a local match by clicking here.

Need help applying for a match, entering scores, etc.? Click here for instructions.

New Upload Spreadsheet

RoundNum = Day number of match. Can be changed to 2 or 3 over a multi-day match.

Points = Score

CompId = ID number for the certain discpline. This can be found by pulling the 'P: Division Totals' report by the Match Director on the match homepage in Railstation

Click the 'IMPORT RESULTS' button on the bottom of the page to complete the upload!




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