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Welcome to the USA Shooting Coach Academy

"Coaches take athletes where they cannot go by themselves"

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 Without well educated, experienced and dedicated coaches we cannot develop future Olympians. Olympic shooting coaches are a special breed and we don't have enough of them.

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This is the first online coach education program dedicated to the Olympic shooting sports that USAS is aware of. You are invited to take one or take all of our online courses.

We have created two coach certifications/learning paths:

Advanced Coach Certification - Rifle and Shotgun (Pistol is in development). The NRA Level 1 Coach certification is required before entering this education and training program.

High Performance Coach Certification - You must successfuly complete the Advanced Coach Certification program and be invited by a USAS Coach Academy Master Instructor to register for the High Performance Coach certification program. High Performance Coaches are the coach talent pool for future USAS National Assistant Coaches.

Click here for the USAS Coach Academy Policy and Procedure document.

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Advanced Coach Ground Courses Scheduled

We have scheduled the following Advanced Coach ground courses:

Rifle - 2017


 28-30 April 2017 West Point Military Academy, West Point NY
12-14 May 2017 The X Count, Fort Wayne IN 
9-11 June 2017 Ole Mill Range, Griffin GA -CTC
8-10 Sept 2017 The Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs CO
6-8 October 2017 Los Angeles Rifle and Revolver Club CA - CTC
3-5 Nov 2017 Palmyra Sportsmans Assoc PA - CTC

 Pistol - 2017 schedule coming soon

Before you can register for the Advanced Coach ground course, you must complete all the Advanced Coach perquisite online courses for that discipline. Then contact Michael Theimer to verify and he will register you for a ground course.

Future Advanced Coach ground course schedules will be announced on this web page.

Coaches Outside the United States

For those coaches outside of the United States, please understand these courses were developed for US coaches that are coaching US athletes and may not be totally relevant to your environment and may not fit your training philosophy. However, we think there is useful knowledge in our courses for all allied national shooting federations across the globe, especially those federations that do not have formal Olympic shooting coach training programs. We are happy to share our knowledge with all national shooting federations.

Content Contributions

We are open to any content expert and coach that would like to submit a presentation/training course for inclusion in the USAS Coach Academy. There is no compensation for submitting a presentation/training course that is published in the USAS Coach Academy, but you will be given full credit with your contact information. All submissions will be reviewed by our Coach Academy Advisory Team and they will decide if your submission is appropriate to be published in the USAS Coach Academy.

Getting Started

Please understand this is the startup of the first USAS Coach Academy. We have tried to identify all the 'bugs', 'edits', system set up issues, but we have probably not found all of them. If you discover any issues please report any "technical" issues to the ePath Helpdesk. Report any course content issues to Mike Theimer. The Coach Academy is still 'under construction'. We will continuely improve and enhance our courses and system functionality.

Click this link to download the Coach Academy Catalog and ePath User Guide.

Coach Academy Catalog

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ePath/Coach Academy

Those who are already registered for courses can directly access their Coach Academy Home page to view current courses and completed courses by clicking here.

You will need the following information to log in to the ePath/Coach Academy learning management system:

Organization Code:   USA36546
Logon ID:   the email address you used to register for your first course
Password: your temporary password or what you changed it to after you first logged on

 All USAS Coach Academy online courses are the property of USA Shooting and copyrighted. All Coach Academy library reference documents are the property of the authors used with their permission.

For questions, inquiries, suggestions or content submissions contact:

Michael Theimer
Coach Academy Director
Office 719-866-4889
USA Shooting
One Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO 80909


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