Youth Pistol Programs

Youth Pistol Programs

Progressive Position Air Pistol (PPP) is a great introduction to the shooting sports. For instance, the equipment, and particularly the ammunition, is less expensive, cleaner and quieter. USA Shooting and the National Rifle Association both support this event and hold a jointly sponsored National Junior Olympic Progressive Position Air Pistol Championship.


All PPP athletes are encouraged to register and compete in the PPP National Championships. All competitors must be current USAS members. The 2016 PPP National Championships will be held at Fort Benning and in Colorado Springs the 28-30 July 2016.

National PPP League

Because PPP clubs are so few and far between that traveling to shoot a shoulder to shoulder matches with a PPP club is too expensive for most PPP clubs, we have established a PPP League program with two shooting seasons: Spring and Fall. Click here for program information.

The current season registration is closed and competitions are in progress.

The 2016-2017 Season will start back in September 2016.

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