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Getting Started in Shooting

Getting Started in Shooting. An excerpt from a previous edition of USA Shooting News, including words of wisdom from 5-time Olympian, 2-time Olympic gold medalist, and Olympic silver medalist Lones Wigger. 


Safety Instruction and Training

A Junior Shooter's Guide to Air Rifle Safety.  A 20-page booklet; written for junior air rifle shooters, but it provides safety rules, procedures and guidelines that can be used by youth or adult shooters in any range firing situation.  Posted on CMP website; link provided courtesy of CMP.

Range Safety Tips & Video


Qualities and Attributes of Marksmanship

What Makes a Champion Shooter, by Lones Wigger, 5-time Olympian, 2-time Olympic gold medalist, Olympic silver medalist.  USA Shooting News, January/February 2010. The thoughts of one of the world’s all-time great shooters on what attributes and qualities are required for someone to become a champion marksman.

Inside the Blue: Balancing Act, by Master Sgt. Jeffrey J. Julig.  USA Shooting News, May/June 2008.  Learn what it takes to achieve a healthy work-sport-life balance.

Learning How to Win, by National Shotgun Coach Bret Erickson.  USA Shooting News, September/October 2011.  Erickson breaks down the phases of any shooting career--learning how to break targets, learning how to win and learning how to deal with winning.

Getting Better: Best Practices for your Best Practices, by Peter Vint, Ph.D., United States Olympic Committee.  Vint examines the two things that contribute to the development of skill and human performance--practice and feedback.  Best suited to assist coaches maximize the development of their athletes.

Developing Life Skills Through Shooting, by Robert Mitchell, USA Shooting CEO, former National Rifle Coach.  USA Shooting News, January/February 2010.  A discussion of the benefits that come from participating in the shooting sports.

Where are you Looking? by J.P. O'Connor.  USA Shooting News, November/December 2010. O'Connor discusses the importance of visual skills in the target shooting sports. 

College Coach Q&A, by Corporal Matt Rawlings.  USA Shooting News, March/April 2011.  Rawlings polls several NCAA rifle coaches from across the nation regarding important topics that should be discussed when pursuing a collegiate shooting career.

Simple Diagnostics, by National Paralympic Coach Bob Foth.  USA Shooting News, July/August 2011.  Foth examines useful tools for coaches when watching athletes shoot.

Working Together Achieves More, by 2008 Olympic bronze medalist Corey Cogdell.  USA Shooting News, May/June 2011.  Cogdell identifies the importance of a team in an individual sport.  She cites examples of teamwork from the 2008 Olympic Games.

Finding a Good Coach and Tips for Selecting a Coach, by four-time Olympian Bret Erickson and former National Shotgun Coach Mark Weeks.  USA Shooting News, September/October 2009.  In this brief article, Erickson addresses some basic, but often overlooked, characteristics to check when seeking a shooting coach. An addendum of the article by Erickson, Weeks adds a few pointers for selecting a good coach.

Trials and Tribulations of an International Shooter, by Staff Sergeant Ryan Hadden. USA Shooting News, March/April 2011.  Champions are not born overnight, but develop through years of hard work, training and sacrifice.  Hadden discusses many elements that have played a part in his success in Men's Trap. 

Shooting for Perfection, by Kevin Neuendorf. USA Shooting News, 2016 Olympic/Paralympic Preview.  There’s an innate difficulty in explaining that which you cannot see.  Perhaps that's the biggest problem when trying to understand shooting as an Olympic sport.  


History of Marksmanship

The Distinguished International Shooters Badge, by Gary Anderson, holder of U. S. Distinguished International Shooters Badge #1.  A history of the International Distinguished Badge from the program’s inception in 1963 to the present day. Posted on CMP website; link provided courtesy of CMP.


Conducting Competitions

A Primer on Scoring Gauges.  Written by Gary Anderson, DCM.  A description of the scoring gauges used for scoring air gun, smallbore, pistol and highpower rifle targets with instructions on which scoring gauge must be used for each type of competition shooting. Posted on CMP website, link provided courtesy of CMP.


Range Development

Indoor Range Development Guide

Outdoor Range Development Guide