Shotgun Shooting

¤  Introduction to Clay Target Shooting

  • American Trap vs. International Trap, by Bret Erickson, 4-time Olympian, National Shotgun Coach.  USA Shooting News, July/August 2009.  Some thoughts on the transition from U. S. style trap competition to the ultimate challenge represented by international trap shooting.

  • Heating Things Up, by Rob Larson.  USA Shooting News, November/December 2010.  Throughout your career, you are likely to encounter different conditions when shooting.  Learn to shoot in the heat with Rob Larson from Tucson Trap & Skeet, a USAS Certified Training Center.

  • How to Make a Shotgun Team, by National Shotgun Coach Bret Erickson.  USA Shooting News, January/February 2011.  Have you ever wondered what the Olympic path looks like?  Bret Erickson describes how to earn a spot onto a USAS Shotgun (Junior, Development and National) team. 

  • Are you Prepared?, by former National Team member Connie Smotek.  USA Shooting News, May/June 2010.  Traveling to a competition takes planning and organization to be prepared and eliminate any stress.  Connie Smotek recalls interesting experiences and advises on items to consider when traveling for competitions.

  • The Value of Chipped Targets, by Olympic Training Center Resident Athlete Sean McLelland.  USA Shooting News, July/August 2010.  Like all shooting sports, athletes may blame gun accessories, ammunition or otherwise for not achieving a clean target break.  Gain valuable information about your shooting via chipped targets.

¤  Advanced Clay Target Shooting

  • Core Muscle Activation in Shotgun Shooting, by Dr. Nicholas Potter, USA Shooting Team Physiotherapist. USA Shooting News, January/February 2010.  How to develop the “core” or trunk muscles that are key to high performance shotgun shooting.

  • Quiet Eye Duration and Gun Motion in Elite Shotgun Shooting, by Joe Causer, Simon J. Bennett, Paul S. Holmes, Christopher M. Janelle and Mark Williams.  Official Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine, 2010.  "In skeet, trap and double trap disciplines, elite shooters demonstrated both an earlier onset and a longer relative duration of quiet eye than their sub-elite counterparts did. 

  • "Target 100" by former National Shotgun Coach Mark Weeks.  USA Shooting News, November/December 2009.  An analysis of participants from 2003-2009 in Trap and Skeet disciplines.

¤  Trap

  • Are you Fundamentally Sound, by Olympic Training Center Resident Athlete John Mullins. USA Shooting News, November/December 2011.  Master the fundamentals of trap shooting including: basic foot position, leg position, weight distribution, use of hips and gun mount.

¤  Skeet


  • Why Shoot Skeet, by former Olympic Training Center Resident Athlete Jaiden Grinnell. USA Shooting News, July/August 2011.  Grinnell discusses her love for the shooting sports and the dedication it takes to reach a top level.


¤  Double Trap