Training Programs

  • Reaching New Heights, by Sergey Luzov, National Pistol Coach. USA Shooting News, January/February 2010.  Comments on what athletes must do in order to achieve high performance levels in any shooting discipline.

  • Ticket to Train, by David Johnson, National Rifle Coach. USA Shooting News, September/October 2009.  Some tips to maximize training results through time management and planning.

  • Training Plan Book Excerpt, by Dave Johnson, National Rifle Coach.  A plan to help you identify your goals, how to accomplish those objectives and monitor progress.

  • Building Your Training: A Three Stage Match Preparation Technique, by Sergey Luzov, National Pistol Coach. USA Shooting News, July/August 2010.  A three-part match preparation plan for pistol shooters. 

  • Match Strategies for Shooters, by Sergey Luzov, National Pistol Coach.  USA Shooting News, July/August 2007.   How do you deal with the obstacles in a match?  This article will help you identify a plan to overcome distractions and return to the fundamentals.


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