National Rankings


Members of USA Shooting who shoot in sanctioned matches are eligible to be considered for the national ranking listing. Here at the ranking will be posted to the public web site weekly. See below for the most recently posted rankings by USA Shooting. Please be reminded that you must have three scores on file from the past year (to date) and a current USA Shooting membership to be listed.

New Points Breakdown:

Match Levels

Match Level Domestic Weight Factor Eligible For Bonus
Preliminary Tryout Yes 1 No
Selection Match Yes 1.4 Yes
Other Event Yes 1 No
Zone Championship Yes 1 No
State Junior Olympics Yes 1.2 No
National Junior Olympics Yes 1.2 No
Regional Championship Yes 1.2 No
National Championships Yes 1.4 Yes
PPP Yes   No
ISSF Championship No 1.5 Yes


Category Discipline
Pistol Air Pistol
Pistol Free Pistol
Pistol Rapid Fire Pistol
Pistol Sport Pistol
Pistol Center Fire Pistol
Pistol Standard Pistol
Pistol Standard Air
Pistol 5 Shot Standard Air
Pistol Progressive Position Pistol--Basic Supported
Pistol Progressive Position Pistol--Standing Supported
Pistol Progressive Position Pistol--International Standin
Rifle Air Rifle
Rifle Prone
Rifle 300 Meter Prone
Rifle 300 Meter 3x20
Rifle 300 Meter 3x40
Rifle 3-Position Rifle
Shotgun Trap
Shotgun Double Trap
Shotgun Skeet