• MAP
  • WAP
  • W Sport
  • M Rapid Fire
  • M Free Pistol
  • 3 x 20
  • 3 x 40
  • Men's Prone
  • WAR
  • MAR
  • W Skeet
  • M Skeet
  • M Trap
  • W Trap
  • Men Double Trap
  • Paralympic Rifle
  • Paralympic Pistol
  • Women's Prone
  • 300m Prone
  • 300m Three-Position Rifle
  • Centerfire
  • Standard
Please specify your events (i.e. sport pistol, falling target, etc.) within your discipline. Please also note R1, P1, etc.
For example, Twitter: @usashooting, Facebook: @usashooting
Please describe your disability in as much detail as you are comfortable with sharing publicly. Please note this information will be used by the media department when questions arise as people not familiar with Paralympic sport often ask and it helps educate the public about the Paralympic program.