Alexis (Lexi) Lagan

Date of Birth:

Sport/Discipline: Women’s Pistol

Events: Sport Pistol, Air Pistol, Mixed Team Air Pistol

Birthplace: Las Vegas, NV

Hometown: Boulder City, NV

High School: Boulder City High School

College: University of Utah 

 Twitter: @Lagan1515

Instagram: @Lagan1515

Facebook: @Lagan1515




Daughter of Jill and Barry Lagan, younger sister Abbi. Married to Jacob Peterson. 

Despite a degree in physics and a law degree in the works, Alexis can’t shake an Olympic dream so enticing she’s put her career on hold to represent her country in Tokyo 202One. With a pistol program desperate for success, Alexis represents the next generation of athletes ready to take her sport higher. She won her Olympic quota, four gold medals, and one silver medal at the 2018 Championship of the Americas (CAT Games). 

Alexis started shooting with her dad at a young age. She enjoyed going to the range with her family as a bonding activity. She began shooting international pistol at the University of Utah. Wanting to make friends and, amongst other extracurricular activities, she joined the Marksmanship Team. While at the collegiate level, she won a handful of National Titles in Women's and Mixed Events, and earned a place as a member of several All-American Teams. At first, she participated in pistol just for fun, but as Rio 2016 approached, Alexis realized she wanted to invest more time and focus on the sport. This was her beginning at the open level at USA ShootingNationals. Winning the Olympic Alternate seat for Rio only fueled the flames. She hopes to continue competing for a long time.

In addition to visiting the range, Alexis grew up dancing and singing. When she was 14, she received a medal and certificate from the White House for singing the National Anthem at more than 150 performances. She enjoys camping and hiking, and has a corgi named Guinevere (who you can follow on Instagram here).

Best Junior Advice: "Focus on the end goal. There will be a lot of unexpected obstacles, but those hiccups will just make your story more interesting when you accomplish your goal."


Competition Highlights:

Lagan has won four National Titles and made several World Cup Travel Teams. She won her Olympic quota at CAT Games 2018 shortly after attending the World Championships. In 2019, she made the Pan American Team, and stepped down to allow a teammate to attend and win an additional Olympic quota. Now her eyes are focused on Tokyo 2020.


Olympic Experience 

Tokyo 2020


World Championship Experience

World Championship 2018, Won Olympic Quota