Elizabeth Marsh

Date of Birth:  06/11/1998

Hometown:  Searcy, Arkansas

Event(s):  Air & Three-Position Rifle

One of the young USA Shooting Team members having a tremendous impact within the rifle ranks, Marsh is on the fast-track to a successful career.   She emerged in 2015, first by winning the Rocky Mountain Rifle Championships against top-level national competition and then following that up with a double gold-medal performance at the National Junior Olympic Championships winning both Air Rifle and Three-Position Rifle events.

This home-schooled athlete has a strong team behind her including her current mentor/coach, three-time Olympic medalist Matt Emmons who has this to say about Marsh.

She has a ton of things going for her. First, she likes to shoot and wants to go far with it. From the get-go when she was shooting sporter airgun, her dad, Rick, had Troy Bassham coach her. Troy did a very good job at getting her started on the right path. He got her into solid positions and immediately started teaching her mental skills. That foundation is a big reason why she’s doing what she is now. Next, she has a great support system behind her. Her parents are very involved (in a good way) and her dad is with her on the range almost every day. Rick is a super smart guy who knows what it takes to be successful and is using those skills to help with Liz’s shooting.  With all of us coaching her, we all bring different skills sets and experiences to the table to help her because no one person knows everything. 

Her approach is great. She has an excellent outlook of wanting to do very well, but not to the point of wanting it too much that she gets in her own way. She’s a good sportswoman, too, and is happy to shake someone else’s hand when they do well. On top of that, she’s not afraid to work. She trains hard and she trains smart.   

All of the above things set her apart from the average shooter her age. It’s almost like the perfect storm.  As far as the future, that’s totally up to her. I’m confident she is capable of achieving whatever she wants so long as the motivation and love for the game is always there."

Favorite Quote:   "Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances." -- Thomas Jefferson 

Competition Highlights

  • 2015 Pan American Games, 8th Place (Air)
  • 2015 National Championships, Junior Silver Medalist (Air)
  • 2015 National Junior Olympic Champion (Air & Three-Position Rifle)
  • 2015 Rocky Mountain Rifle Champion (Three-Position Rifle)
  • Silver Medalist, 2014 National Junior Olympic Championships (Air Rifle)
  • 2013 Junior National Champion in Air Rifle