Jeffrey Holguin

HolguinDate of Birth: 10/24/78

Hometown: Yorba Linda, Calif.

Twitter: @jeffreyholguin

Event: Men’s Double Trap

Sergeant Jeffrey Holguin's father and grandfather taught him how to shoot because they were regular Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) shooters. Jeffrey made his first National Team at the National Championship in 1997 in Men's Trap; he soon switched to Double Trap. Jeffrey graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health Care Science and Forensic Science from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in the summer of 2006. Jeffrey is now part of the United States Army Marksmanship Unit stationed in Fort Benning, Ga.  Jeffrey played baseball from the time he was 5 years old until his graduation from high school. In his spare time, Jeffrey enjoys waterfowl hunting, bass fishing, golf, snowboarding and watching USC football. Jeffrey is a die-hard Trojan football fan.

Competition Highlights

  • 2016 World Cup Finals, Silver Medalist
  • 2016 National Champion
  • 2016 World Cup Cyprus, Silver Medalist
  • 2015 World Cup Acapulco, Gold Medalist
  • 2014 World Cup Finals, Gold Medalist
  • 2014 World Cup Tucson, Gold Medalist
  • 2014 World Cup Munich, Bronze Medalist
  • 2014 National Championships, Silver Medalist
  • 2013 National Championships, Silver Medalist
  • 2013 World Cup Granada, 4th Place
  • 2012 National Championships, Bronze Medalist
  • 2011 World Clay Target Championship Team
  • 2010 Fall Selection, Silver Medalist
  • 2010 World Championship, 4th Place & Team Gold Medal
  • 2010 National Championship, 4th Place
  • 2010 World Cup Acapulco, Bronze Medalist
  • 2010 World Cup Dorset, Bronze Medalist
  • 2009 World Cup Final, Bronze Medalist
  • 2009 World Championship, Silver Medalist
  • 2008 Olympic Games, 4th Place
  • 2008 World Cup USA, Bronze Medalist
  • 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials, 2nd Place
  • 2007 Pan American Games, Silver Medalist
  • 2007 National Championship, Bronze Medalist
  • 2007 World Cup Italy, 7th Place
  • 2006 Fall Selection, Silver Medalist
  • 2005 World Championship, 4th Place
  • 2004 National Championship, Gold Medalist
  • 2004 World Cup Brazil, Bronze Medalist