Michael Dickey

DickeyHometown: Trafford, Ala.

Event: Paralympic Rifle R3 and R6

Michael Dickey began shooting at the Lakeshore Foundation in Birmingham, Ala.  He is now a Resident Athlete at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.  Dickey graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a BS in Finance in 1991.  He lists a top accomplishment as shooting 600/600 in the 2007 Rocky Mountain Rifle Championships.  Dickey advises junior shooters to: “Formulate a good training plan and follow it and ask advice from shooters that are better than you are.”  When he is not on the range, he enjoys college football, NASCAR, basketball, reading, computers and radio controlled airplanes.  He also likes deer hunting.

Competition Highlights

  • 2010 Winter Airgun Championships, High Paralympic Shooter
  • 2010 Paralympic World Championships, 24th Place (R3), 26th Place (R6)
  • 2008 Paralympic Games, Team Member
  • 2008 European Championships, 20th Place (R3), 16th Place (R6)
  • 2007 Rocky Mountain Rifle Championships, High Paralympian
  • 2007 European Championships, 19th Place (R3), 16th Place (R6)
  • 2006 Paralympic World Championships, 15th Place (R3), 18th Place (R6)
  • 2005 Winter Airgun Championships, High Paralympic Shooter