Training Tips


Shotgun Tips

  • When training set a goal or goals for that day or session. The training goal should be to accomplish a fundamental task on each of the 25 (50 for double trap) targets. The goal should be something like this: I will have proper foot position for each target. Or I will see the target as it leaves the house (bunker) very clearly each time for the complete training session or round. Or I will have good follow through for the entire training session. This is only three examples of setting the right goals for training. At the end of the training session you must ask yourself did I accomplish my set goal/goals for today.
  • When practicing, the goal should be to shoot the round just like you would in a match. No repeat targets, no talking, just shoot the round and accept the results. From this you now know what needs work. But you must be honest with yourself.
  • Look for a target with your eyes and not with you ears.
  • Mount the gun to your face in the same spot each and every time.
  • Before you call for the target make sure you are set. With no body movement, eyes in the right spot, your mind saying, see the target. Then make your call.
  • For trap, be smooth with your swing through the target. Not fast or slow but smooth.
  • For skeet, make your gun mount to the front edge of each and every target.
  • For double, mark the first target of the pair as other shooters are shooting.
  • Leave all hit and missed targets behind you, look only at the next target, that is the only one you have control of.
  • Set your foot position to break the target along your natural point of aim. Give your body a chance.

Rifle Tips

  • Learn and pay attention to NPA: Natural Point of Aim--both vertical and horizontal. Many athletes only correct the left and right axis--the up and down is also important.
  • Learn and pay strict attention to proper Sight Alignment. Supplemental training with a pistol will build your rifle sight alignment skills.
  • Be Fit! Core strength training and endurance work will allow you to shoot better! Good fitness increases endurance, mental sharpness, and increases your ability to relax and hold still.
  • Simplify Training: focus on one skill or skill area at a time. Take a moment to write down what you are about to do before training begins.
  • Create variety in your training: do not simply shoot a course of fire every time you go to the range. Mix in group shooting, time drills/challenges, finals competitions or "guts" matches, and other drills that focus on specific skills.