Hall of Fame - Margaret Thompson Murdock

Margaret Thompson, 1966 World Champion in Women's Standard Rifle. She also competed on the USA 50m and 300m Free Rifle Teams that won World Championships with World Records

Date of Birth: August 25, 1942

Hometown: Topeka, Kansas

Events: .22 Smallbore Rifle, Highpower Rifle

Personal: Thompson first began shooting at 11 years old at the Capital City Rifle & Pistol Club in Topeka, where her father had started a Junior Rifle program. Thompson graduated Hayden High School in Kansas in 1960, then moving into her post-secondary schooling at Kansas State University, where she completed her degree in Chemistry in 1965.

After graduating college, Thompson joined the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit in 1965, where she shot until she reached Captain in 1971. While at the AMU, Thompson conducted numerous clinics in the shooting sports, primarily on college campuses around the United States. She was the chief instructor for Schiessportschule I and II, Olympic development rifle schools conducted by the United States Women's International Rifle Organization. She also served as Vice-President of USWIRO for four years.

She then joined the Army Reserves and attended school for nursing at Washburn University. She received her degree and worked for Kansas University Medical Center. 

Thompson won the Olympic Spirit award for her sportsmanship in the Olympic Games of 1976.  

Competition Highlights

  • Olympic Silver Medalist (1976, Three-Position Rifle)
  • Four-time World Champion (1974 for Prone Rifle, 1970 for 300m Three-Position Rifle, 1970 and 1966 for Three-Position Rifle)
  • World Championship Silver Medalist (1966, Prone Rifle)
  • World Championship Bronze Medalist (1974, Three-Position Rifle)
  • Two-time Pan American Games Gold Medalist (1967, 1975, both for Three-Position Rifle)



















World 300m Free Rifle Champions

 Margaret Thompson with the Argentine Trophy (World 300m Free Rifle Team Championship) and teammates Lones Wigger, Gary Anderson and John Foster at the 1966 World Shooting Championships


1967 Pan American Games

 Margaret Thompson won the 1967 Pan American Games 50m Free Rifle 3x40 event to become the first woman to win an individual gold medal in an open UIT event. She also tied the World Record in the 50m Kneeling 40 shots event.


Margaret Murdock

Margaret Murdock, 1970 World 300m Free Rifle Standing Champion


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Anschutz 1407 Standard Rifle

 Margaret used an Anschutz 1407 Standard Rifle to win the 1966 and 1970 World Championships in Women's Standard Rifle 3x20 and the 1974 World Championship in Women's Standard Rifle Prone.


Margaret Murdock



Anschutz 1413

 Margaret used an Anschutz 1413 in the open smallbore free rifle events in the 1967 Pan American Games, 1973 Championships of the Americas, 1974 World Shooting Championships, 1975 Pan American Games and the 1976 Olympic Games.


1973 Championships of the Americas
1973 Championships of the Americas

 1973 Championships of the Americas


1974 World Shooting Championships logo
1974 World Champions

Margaret Murdock with teammates Lanny Bassham, Lones Wigger and Jack Writer after winning the 1974 World 50m Free Rifle Team Championship


Margaret Murdock


Margaret Murdock

Margaret Murdock, 1974 World 50m Standard Rifle Prone Champion

Murdock at 1975 Pan Am Games

Margaret Murdock - 1975 Pan American Games 50m Free Rifle Champion


Margaret Murdock with 1975 Pan American Games Champions

 Margaret Murdock with 1975 Pan American Games Champions


1968 Montreal Olympic logo

Murdock and Bassham at 1976 Olympic Games

Margaret Murdock joins Lanny Bassham on 1976 Olympic Games award stand. Her Olympic Silver Medal is the first in Olympic history for a female shooter!


U.S. Distinguished International Shooter Badge