Olympic Events

CogdellThe USA Shooting Team qualified for 21 Olympic quotas throughout competition during the 2010 and 2011 seasons.  The Team will send two representatives to each of the following events: Men’s 50m Rifle Three Position, Men’s 10m Air Rifle, Men’s 10m Air Pistol, Men’s Double Trap (via quota reallocation), Men’s Skeet, Men’s 50m Rifle Prone, Women’s 10m Air Rifle, Men’s Rapid Fire Pistol and Women’s 50m Rifle Three Position.  There will be one USA representative in each of the following events: Women’s Trap, Women’s Skeet, Women’s Sport Pistol and Men’s 50m Free Pistol.

RifleSelection criteria for the U.S. Olympic Team for Shooting at the 2012 Olympic Games is based on a points system that allows athletes to earn a slot on the U.S. Olympic Team by competing at winning levels in 2010 and 2011.  The rest of the spots for the 2012 Olympic Team are determined through a traditional U.S. Olympic Trials method.  Five athletes earned enough points to receive an automatic nomination to the team including:  Kim Rhode (women’s skeet), Eric Uptagrafft (men’s 50m rifle prone) Matt Emmons (men’s 50m Rifle 3-position) Jamie Gray (women’s 50m Rifle 3-posotion) and Josh Richmond (double trap).

The U.S. Olympic Team for Shooting will include:

Rifle (5)

  • Men’s 50m Rifle Prone  – Eric Uptagrafft + Michael McPhail
  • Men’s 50m 3-position Rifle – Matt Emmons + Jason Parker
  • Women’s 50m 3-position Rifle – Jamie Gray + Amanda Furrer
  • Men’s 10m Air Rifle – Matt Emmons + Jonathan Hall
  • Women’s 10m Air Rifle – Sarah Scherer + Jamie Gray

Pistol (5)

  • Men’s 50m Free Pistol – Nick Mowrer + Daryl Szarenski
  • Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol – Keith Sanderson + Emil Milev
  • Men’s 10m Air Pistol – Daryl Szarenski + Jason Turner
  • Women’s 25m Pistol –  Sandra Uptagrafft
  • Women’s 10m Air Pistol - Sandra Uptagrafft

Shotgun (5)

  • Men’s Double Trap – Josh Richmond + Glenn Eller
  • Men’s Skeet – Vincent Hancock + Frank Thompson
  • Men’s Trap – No Quota Selection/U.S. will not field representatives in this event
  • Women’s Skeet – Kim Rhode
  • Women’s Trap – Corey Cogdell + Kim Rhode


The Olympic shooting program includes 15 events and five in each of the shooting disciplines.  The U.S. has qualified positions in 13 of them.  In all, 21 athletes will comprise the U.S. Olympic Team out of a maximum of 28 shooters.