Alumni Association - About Us


  • To provide a means for former members and officials of the U.S. Shooting Team to keep in contact with the sport.
  • To provide a means of recognizing those who were part of the rich tradition of the U.S. Shooting Team.
  • To foster and promote the traditions and history of international shooting competition and of the U.S. Shooting Team.
  • To inspire young and new shooters who may be future members, coaches and leaders of the U.S. Shooting Team through the publication of memoirs, anecdotes, stories, lessons learned, etc. from those who have experienced international competitions.
  • To foster communications among former U.S. Shooting Team members and to encourage them to contribute to USA Shooting, Inc. through USA Shooting memberships, annual donations, trophy donations, bequests, or gifts of memorabilia, firearms and accoutrements.

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Any persons who have represented the USA in the following competitions sanctioned by the UIT/ISSF or who served in a official support role such as coach, team leader, assistant team leader, adjutant, gunsmith, etc. in these specific competitions (persons who were official alternates and traveled with the team to the competition as part of the official delegation are eligible for membership):

  • Olympic Games
  • Pan American Games
  • UIT/ISSF World Shooting Championships
  • UIT/ISSF World Clay Target Championships
  • UIT World Running Target Championships
  • UIT World Air Gun Championships
  • Championships of the Americas
  • UIT/ISSF World Cup Finals

Members also include:

  • Any member of an UIT/ISSF Committee.
  • Any member of an UIT/ISSF Jury at one of the competitions mentioned above and UIT/ISSF World Cups.
  • Any UIT/ISSF-sanctioned Judge.



  • USSTAA members are encouraged to join USA Shooting.
  • Articles and announcements will be made in QuickShots at a regular interval as space is made available by the USA Shooting Executive Director.
  • Initial efforts will focus on locating former members and establishing an email newsletter and generating articles for Quickshots.
  • A small volunteer Board of Directors of the USSTAA will be formed with the USA Shooting Executive Director as an ex-officio member if he/she is not already a member.
  • USA Shooting staff is spread too thin to be able to do all that is needed to bring this to fruition. Members are going to have to volunteer to do much of the work.
  • A legally separate organization is not desired. This is seen as an informal group within the USA Shooting, Inc. family.
  • A distinctive lapel pin for the members will be developed.
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