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USA Shooting Websites:

NRA logo NRA of America is the National Governing Body for many non-Olympic types of shooting in the USA including NRA Conventional (3-gun) Pistol, NRA Smallbore Rifle, NRA High Power Rifle, NRA Action Pistol, NRA Silhouette (rifle and pistol), plus many more. They also have an excellent new coach program.


USA Shooting logo USA Shooting is the National Governing Body for Olympic-type shooting in the USA including international rifle, international pistol, international shotgun and running target. They host the USA Shooting National Championships, the National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships, U.S. Shooting Team Trials and Preliminary Tryouts.


CMP logo

Civilian Marksmanship Program is the governing body for the National Trophy Matches, the Excellence-in-Competition system and a major supporter of firearms safety and junior shooting training. They also award the Distinguished Rifleman Badge, the Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge and the United States Distinguished International Shooter Badge.


ATA logo Amateur Trapshooting Association is the National Governing Body for ATA-type trapshooting. The ATA hosts the Grand American Trapshooting tournament at Vandalia, Ohio in August each year. The "Grand" attracts the most shooters of any shooting event held in the USA.


NSSA logo National Skeet Shooting Association is the National Governing Body for NSSA-type skeet shooting in the USA. They promote skeet shooting with 12 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge and 410 gauge shotguns and also host their "World Shoot" each year.


NSCA logo National Sporting Clays Association is the National Governing Body for NSCA-type sporting clays in the USA. Sporting Clays has been one of the fastest growing shotgun sports in recent years. It simulates field shooting at game birds with many odd shooting angles and is usually held in semi-wooded areas.


NMLRA logo National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association is the National Governing Body for most black powder shooting competitions in the USA. They hold a Spring National and Fall National at their home range in Friendship, Indiana, plus a Winter National in Phoenix, Arizona. They sanction events for black powder rifles, pistols, shotguns including primitive events.


USRA logo United States Revolver Association is the oldest known continuously operating organization for the handgun competition community. It was formed in 1900 to standardize the handgun competition rules etc. in the United States, and to organize International and Olympic handgun competitions.

International Shooting Organizations:

ISSF logo

International Shooting Sport Federation is the international federation controlling Olympic-type shooting in the world. The ISSF was known as the International Shooting Union (UIT) from 1907 until 1998. They sanction the World Shooting Championships every four years, the Separate World Championships in Trap and Skeet every two years and the ISSF World Cups and ISSF World Cup Finals every year. Their rules are used in Continental Games like the Pan American Games and Continental Championships like the European Shooting Championships or the Championships of the America.


IPSC logo

International Practical Shooting Confederation is the international confederation governing a type of practical pistol competition. The promotion of accuracy, power, and speed as three equal elements was the prime objective along with multiple targets, moving targets, targets that react when hit, penalty carrying no-shoot targets mixed-in or even partially covering shoot targets, obstacles, movement, competitive tactics, etc. to keep the shooters challenged and spectators entertained.


IDPA logo International Defensive Pistol Association is the international organization governing a type of pistol events requiring practical handguns and holsters that are truly suitable for self-defense use. No "competition only" equipment is permitted in IDPA matches since the main goal is to test the skill and ability of an individual, not his or her equipment or gamesmanship.


Other Organizations:

U.S. Olympic Committee crest

U.S. Olympic Committee is the national olympic committee in the USA. It helps the National Governing Bodies train and equip their teams as they prepare for the Olympic Games and Pan American Games.


International Olympic Committee

International Olympic Committee is the organization that "owns" the Olympic Games.

Athens 2004

2004 Athens Olympic Games will be held in 2004 in Athens, Greece. The 17 Olympic shooting sport events include ten for men and seven for women across a range of firearms. Shooters compete in four different disciplines: rifle has five events, pistol has five events, shotgun has six events and there is one running target event.

MMA logo

Military Marksmanship Association is primarily the alumni group of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, but includes alumni of other military marksmanship programs too. The USAMU trains Army shooters to compete in National and International shooting events.

USAR patch

USAR Shooting Teams Alumni Association is a great place to see more information on the outstanding results the U.S. Army Reserve Shooting Teams have accomplished through the years.


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