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In November 2014, the USA Shooting Board of Directors passed a motion to bring revenue generation activities back in-house and re-establish a USA Shooting Marketing Department. Rob Weekes was hired to lead the revenue generation effort on behalf of the organization. The transition was completed at the November 1st meeting by merging the previously separate USA Shooting Team Foundation into USA Shooting through dissolution while authorizing a task force to form a commission to assist Rob and the marketing department with fundraising efforts. When formed and formally recognized by the Board, it is expected the chair of that commission will have a seat on the USAS Board of Directors.

Continuing the Legacy

Revenue generation through sponsorship, direct marketing, online and planned giving, and donations helps aid the USA Shooting Team in its comprehensive mission by providing resources necessary to succeed in the highly competitive world of Olympic & Paralympic shooting. The goal of revenue generation and resource development, above all else, is to assure America’s place on the victory podium.

USA Shooting's mission is to prepare American athletes to win Olympic & Paralympic medals, promote the shooting sports and govern international style shooting in the United States. 

The USA Shooting Team relies entirely on funding from individual donations, corporate sponsorships and partner organizations to compliment support from the U.S. Olympic Committee. With more countries fielding teams supported by considerable governmental funding, our U.S. Team is placed at a comparative disadvantage since it receives no funding from our federal government. 

Your support of the USA Shooting Team will help keep our American shooters training, competing and winning for years to come. The money raised supports athletes in Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun disciplines covering 15 Olympic events in addition to Rifle and Pistol events of the Paralympic program.

For more information on the activities of the USA Shooting Team or additional ways to support the teamplease contact:

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Amber Aragon
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