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The U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) has informed USA Shooting of the 2018 funding it will receive as part of its results-based resource allocation process. USA Shooting will receive the same level of funding it received in 2017 with $1 million earmarked for program support. However, one significant change to that allocation is that the USOC will not fund pistol initiatives in 2018.

Since being informed of the decision, USA Shooting staff and leaders have been meeting to determine next steps relative to the future of the pistol program. An ad-hoc pistol committee, led by pistol athlete representative and Board member Jim Henderson and encompassing leaders throughout the firearms industryhas been formed to address the situation.

The committee has met to discuss the ramifications of the decision relative to athlete participation at 2018 events, including next year’s World Cups, World Championship, as well as coaching modifications and Olympic selection procedures. The committee has been tasked with working quickly, diligently and creatively to address the needs of the program and recommend manageable solutions.   

This is the second big setback for a pistol program seeking relevancy as the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) chose to eliminate the international pistol program back in 2015.  The program helped provide opportunity and funding to athletes like Henderson as well as 1988 Olympic silver medalist Erich Buljung. 

Despite winning just one Olympic medal since 1988, the program enjoyed some good results within its junior ranks this past season as team members broke six national records. A junior team athlete is leading Women’s Sport Pistol selection after the recent Fall Selection Match while another junior team athlete is third in Men’s Rapid Fire Pistol selection as well. 

The future of USA’s Olympic pistol program requires the development of new strategic partnerships, widespread shooting industry involvement, the support of our organizational and volunteer leadership and a commitment to excel within the context of this challenge. 

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