Meet America’s Rising Pistol Star, Alexis Lagan

Already a National Champion, Alexis Lagan needs your support to achieve her 2020 vision and realize her goal of being the first Women’s Pistol gold medalist for the United States.  She’s currently trying to support her Olympic dream through GoFundMe accountsRecently, Lagan discussed her efforts to try and become that ultimate athlete and what that means to her (see video below). 

How has competing in the sport of pistol changed you as a person?  I never believed I would move to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, but here I am. I've also become a much more passionate person. I've always been patriotic, but not like I am now. I now have a love for my country I didn't have before I had the opportunity to represent my country. I used to enjoy shooting, but now I have a passion for it. I am not just okay with, but happy that my identifier is "the shooter girl." I feel invested in this sport in a way I have not been invested in many other aspects of my life.   

What sacrifices have you had to make in order to compete in the sport you love?  I have a lot of reasons to put shooting aside, especially right now. This is a very expensive sport, and I am not a wealthy person. Beyond the cost, I've had to put off going to law school, and it took me longer to graduate with my bachelor's degree because of how much school I needed to miss for competitions. I have also lost friends because of my affiliation with the shooting sports. Even still, some of the people I interact with on a regular basis do not like that my sport is shooting and put me down for it. Attacking me when there are tragedies in the country and questioning my political beliefs. It’s really difficult sometimes, but I try and remind myself of why this sport is important to me and my goals, and it helps me push through it.  

What would being a pistol shooter on a U.S. Olympic Team mean to you and your family?  I can remember being a little girl watching the Summer and Winter Olympics on the TV with my family. My grandma would tell me, "These are amazing people. They have worked so hard, and now they are representing their countries. You need to work hard too in everything you do, so you can be an amazing person too." Being an Olympian would be an incredible opportunity. I never imagined that I would even have a chance at going to the Olympics, but now it is a realistic dream. My family has been so supportive of me. I think sometimes my family has bigger dreams for me than I can even imagine. For them, going to the Olympics would only be confirmation of what they have always believed I could do.    

What fuels your Olympic dream? I have a never-die, never-quit spirit. I will not be deterred from my goals by a couple obstacles or harsh words. I am fueled by my love for this sport, my love for my country, and my knowledge that I can do anything I put my mind to.  

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