A “bequest” is simply the direction in a Will to distribute property or money. In its simplest form, this might be a specific amount or item you wish to transfer to USA Shooting upon your death. Other options include percentages of an estate, bequests of the remainder (whatever is left after other distributions have been executed), or contingency bequests (when a distribution only happens if a certain condition is met). For sample language and EIN number, CLICK HERE.

Bequests are easy to set up, may have tax benefits for you or your heirs, and ensure that your legacy in the sport continues for years to come.

Myth: Only wealthy people make bequests, remembering a nonprofit organization in their will.
Fact: 58% of bequest donors had income of less than $75,000 annually when they committed to their gift. Most people who choose to leave money or goods to benefit a nonprofit are people of modest means who cannot afford to make large outright gifts. (data from a Partnership for Philanthropic Planning survey, “Planned Giving in the United States 2001”)

Our staff is happy to answer questions about bequest planning. If you have already designated USA Shooting as a beneficiary in your Will, please let us know! We would love the chance to thank you and recognize your dedication.

For more information or if you have any questions/comments please contact: or call 719-866-4883.