2015 PPP National Championships Results

The PPP match competition is a precision pistol event. Multi-shot pistols may be used, but only a single pellet may be loaded at any given moment. The pistols must be .177 caliber (4.5 mm), and use compressed air or compressed, non-flammable gas (such as CO2) for propellant. There are three categories of competitors in the Progressive Position Pistol Program: basic supported; standing supported and international (one-handed) standing.


2015 National Championship Results: Orion results page link for full results

2015 National Champions - Individuals - coming soon

2015 National Champions - Teams - coming soon


Regional Championship Results

Western Region Results - Final

 Eastern Region Results - Final

 Online Pictures of the 2014 PPP Nationals

will be posted by next week

Colorado Venue pictures

Ft Benning Venue pictures - tbd