Champion of Champions Results

COLORADO SPRINGS (October 2, 2011)

The Champion of the Champions finished with impressive scores from Sergeant First Class Eric Uptagrafft (Phenix City, Ala.) in Men’s 50m Rifle Prone.  In the first day of competition, Uptagrafft ruled his home range with a perfect 60 shots for 600 points.  The following day, he fired 597 match points to lead the way into the final with 1197 points.  With 102 points in the in the final, he was the clear winner with 1299 points.  Sergeant Michael McPhail fired 1192 match points and 103.5 points in the final for 1295.5 points and second place.  Bronze was a duel between Staff Sergeant Shane Barnhart (Phenix City, Ala.) and Sergeant First Class Jason Parker (Columbus, Ga.) on their home range at the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit.  Barnhart and Parker both fired 1191 match points and finals of 103.7 points for 1294.7 points.  The bronze was decided in one-shot—Barnhart beat Parker 10.6 points to 9.7 points. 

In Men’s 50m Free Pistol, Olympic Training Center Resident Athlete Nick Mowrer (Butte, Mont.) continued to ride the high after earning the National Title this year.  Mowrer fired 1109 match points and the highest final of 96.6 points for 1205.6 total points.  The silver medalist was Specialist Greg Markowski (Columbus, Ga.) with 1105 match points and 96 points in the final for 1201 total points.  Fellow Resident Athlete Anthony Lutz (Tonganoxie, Kan.) finished in third place with 1190.1 total points (1094+96.1). 

In Men’s 50m Rifle Three Position, Sergeant Joe Hein (Mason City, Mich.) shot 2343 match points and 100.3 points in the final for a total of 2443.3 total points and the gold medal.  The silver medalist was Sergeant Michael McPhail (Darlington, Wisc.) with 2346 match points and 97.2 points in the final.  Sergeant George Norton (Columbus, Ga.) finished with 2345 match points and 96.7 points in the final for the bronze medal. 

Newly married Jamie Beyerle (Lebanon, Pa.) now Jamie Gray, won the Women’s 50m Rifle Three Position match with 1177 match points.  With 99.4 points in the final, she finished in first with 1276.4 points.  The silver medalist was Kirsten Wess (Cornwall, Pa.) shot 1170 match points and 98.8 points in the final for 1268.8 total points.  Rhonda Bright (Midland, Ga.) shot 1145 match points and 98.7 points in the final for 1243.7 total points. 

Corporal Matt Rawlings (Wharton, Texas) took a five point lead in Men’s 10m Air Rifle with a solid 1189 match points.  He shot 101.5 points in the final for 1290.5 total points.  Bryant Wallizer (Little Orleans, Md.) fired 1184 match points and an outstanding 104.4 points in the final for the silver medal.  Sergeant Hank Gray (Phenix City, Ala.) shot 1185 match points and 102.7 points in the final for a total of 1287.7 total points. 

Gray, Jamie that is, finished on top of the Women’s 10m Air Rifle podium for her second gold medal.  Gray shot 796 match points—an exciting 400 perfect points in the first day—and the highest final of 104.7 points for 900.7 total points.  Emily Caruso (Fairfield, Conn.) was the silver medalist with 789 match points and shot her way up in the final with 103 points for 892 total points.  The bronze medalist was Meghann K. Morrill (Boerne, Texas) with 790 match points and 100.3 points in the final for 890.3 total points. 

Will Brown (Twins Falls, Idaho) was the Men’s 10m Air Pistol gold medalist with 1157 match points and 98.2 points in the final for 1255.2 total points.  Specialist Greg Markowski (Columbus, Ga.) finished with 1148 match points and 98.8 points in the final for 1246.8 total points and the silver medal. John Zurek (Tucson, Ariz.) was the bronze medalist with 1146 match points and 100.2 points in the final 1246.2 total points. 

Petty Officer First Class Sandra Uptagrafft (Phenix City, Ala.) shot 769 match points in Women’s 10m Air Pistol for the gold medal.  She topped it off with a final of 98.7 points for 867.7 total points.  Teresa Meyer (Dearborn, Mich.) gave Uptagrafft a run for her money with 766 match points, and an impressive final of 101.2 points for 867.2 total points and the silver medal.  Lea Wachowich finished with 756 match points and 100.2 points in the final for the bronze medal.

Shooting on his home range in Men’s Rapid Fire Pistol, Sergeant Brad Balsley (Columbus, Ga.) finished with 1177 total points for the gold medal.  Jim Sandall shot 1119 total points for the silver medal and Bob Alyward (Ft. Benning, Ga.) finished with 1080 points for the bronze medal.

Finally, in Women’s 25m Sport Pistol, Uptagrafft earned another gold medal with 1359.5 total points.  She shot 1158 match points and a solid final of 201.5 points for her second win.  Meyer also stepped onto her second podium with 1142 match points and 192 points in the final for 1334 total points.  Libby Callahan (Pawleys Island, S.C.) finished with the bronze medal and 1326.9 total points.  For complete results, please visit the match results page

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