USAS Produces Shooting Sports Video

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (July 8, 2011)

USA Shooting has produced an Olympic Shooting Sports video that explains all fifteen Olympic shooting sports/events. This video explains in basic terms the range distances, targets, guns, equipment and course of fire for each of the fifteen Olympic shooting events and information about Paralympic shooting. It also contains seven athlete interviews as they explain how they started and what it takes to be an Olympic level athlete.

This is targeted for all parents, junior shooters, clubs, schools, media, etc., that do not know about the fifteen Olympic shooting events. It is a stand-alone presentation (approximately 32 minutes) that you can show to any group that would be interested in learning more about Olympic shooting.

Also, we have broken up the video into segments so that someone can just see what they are interested in (e.g., rifle, pistol, shotgun, facts about Olympic shooting sports, Paralympic shooting and the athlete interviews). You can view these segments on YouTube.

The video is not copyrighted. We encourage our members and clubs to post this video and/or links to your Facebook and club website. For additional questions about youth programs or to get a copy of the full length video, please contact

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