USOC AAC Representative & Alternate Elections

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (September 4, 2012)

The AAC representative is responsible for broadening athlete communication between the USOC and USAS Board of Directors providing input to those bodies with regard to both current and contemplated policies.  The AAC is a member of the USAS Board and sits on the Executive Committee.

AAC representatives are elected to a four-year term beginning in January of the year following the Olympic Games. The representative and the alternate must be of opposite sexes.

AAC meetings are normally held three or four times a year with two USAS Board meetings annually.

Athletes eligible to participate in the election process are those representing the U.S. in qualifying competitions within the past ten years. Each eligible athlete may nominate not more than three male and three female candidates. Nominations may be made by email addressed to Athlete Advisory Council Representative Connie Smotek at no later than September 6, 2012. The election process will follow directly.

The election procedures as well as the Athlete 10-Year List will be emailed all eligible athletes.

For more information regarding the AAC election process and the Athlete 10 Year List, please see USAS Policies and Procedures, Athletes’ Advisory Council Election Procedures. Please see the following link for the listing of eligible 10-year athletes.

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