USA Shooting Says Thanks for the Giving

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (November 27, 2013)

In a nonprofit world, where existence is determined in part by the generosity of others, it’s extremely important to give thanks.  This year, once again, we have tremendous reasons to be exceptionally grateful as 2013 was another banner year for USA Shooting.  In the craziness that is today’s world, not enough time is spent giving credit to the people and organizations that truly make the difference and ensure USA Shooting’s success.  We won’t let this important holiday pass by without sharing some of the reasons we’re beyond thankful, while also sharing some reasons our athletes are thankful as well.

  • Athletes – For representing the shooting sports with class and distinction while creating a favorable message for all associated with the firearms industry. 
  • 10m Campaign Benefactors - We sought your support to help raise funds for a much needed facility upgrade to the USA Shooting Center in Colorado Springs and your response was overwhelming.  More than 70 people contributed over $80,000 to help upgrade our facility to electronic targets and enhance the overall environment with new lighting and technology. 
  • NRA News, Cam & Co. and Sportsman Channel – For providing us a tremendous forum to be able to showcase our athletes and educate people about the Olympic & Paralympic Shooting Sports. 
  • Coaches, Families, Referees & Volunteers – The passion, sacrifice and devotion to this craft all too often goes unappreciated as they quietly go about making our sport successful, safe and structured. 
  • Certified Training Centers (CTCs) & Clubs – The true incubators of talent are our clubs and our rising Certified Training Center program.  Their dedication and commitment to the support is having a tremendous impact on the ability and quality of athlete we’re seeing rise up through to the elite levels of USA Shooting.   
  • Sponsors, Partners & Supporters – As a nonprofit organization with no government funding, the generosity of our industry and the organizations that support our mission continue to push us to new heights. 
  • Donors – The USA Shooting Team isn’t our team, it’s America’s Team and that is obvious through the kindness of Americans who continue to bestow our organization with the gifts necessary to see that success continues well into the future. 
  • Industry – Our teams can only be as good as the industry that helps mold them.  Thankfully for us we have the loyal support of an industry that prides itself in giving back and helping us achieve greatness.  The charity auctions, conservation partnerships, the promotion and protection provided by the NRA and NSSF combined with the media exposure from radio, television, television, print, internet and social media showcases the depth and interest throughout the industry.  They deserve praise and recognition for the enormous benefits they provide all of us.     
  • ISSF – We’re thankful for the relationship we have with the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) and their governance worldwide of the Olympic shooting sports.  We’re also thankful for their dedication to continue changing the sport, while not always popular initially, in order to maintain relevance in an ever-changing Olympic environment. 
  • Fans – With tremendous growth across USA Shooting’s social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter and for continued interest in all levels of our sport, we thank our fans for their support, belief and interest. We continue to strive to exceed your expectations.  
  • Membership  This week and always, we are very thankful to all of our members and friends in the shooting community who grow the sport we love.

Asked to contribute what their most thankful for this Thanksgiving, our athletes offer up some pointed messages to friends, family and their network of support. 

I am very thankful for my team; we’re a family, a home away from home. Always there for each other, always supporting and building everyone up. We succeed and win together; we keep each other accountable and humble. My team is what I’m thankful for. 

Connor Davis, Kentucky Rifle Sophomore & 2013 National Air Rifle Champion

I am thankful for all the opportunities shooting has given me! I've traveled the world, become an Olympian, met my husband through the sport and have many friends around this world!! That is just so amazing to be able to say all that! I am truly blessed! 

--Morgan (Hicks) Wallizer, 2004 Olympian


Shooting is such a big part of my life; everyday I'm reminded how important it is and what it has given me.  If not for shooting, I probably would have never gone to college where I met my lovely wife Morgan or been introduced to so many interesting people whom I can now call some of my best friends.

-- Bryant Wallizer, 2013 National Team Member

When I look at my shooting career, one enormous part that isn't so obvious is the people who have helped me along the way. It is cliché to say, but without the investment that many people have poured into me, I would not be where I am today. Of course, there are people who try to bring you down, but in the grand scheme they are far outnumbered by those who are full of encouragement and support. Between my family, teammates, as well as past and present shooters, I feel that my accomplishments so far are a reflection of both hard work and the resources that others have poured into my life. 

-- Sarah Beard, 2013 Rifle National Champion

I am thankful for the people that have believed in me all along. My parents for being behind me 100% no matter what path I take; my friends for being supportive and helpful to help me accomplish my dreams; and everyone that has helped me to grow in this sport and as a person. Basically, what it comes down to is me being thankful for all of the wonderful people in my life. They're my "team" and I wouldn't be where I am today without them! 

-- Amanda Furrer, 2012 Olympian

I’m thankful for the places I have gotten to go and the great people that I have had the opportunity to meet. 

-- Casey “Jake” Wallace, 2013 National Team Member in Trap

I am thankful for the opportunities shooting has given me throughout the years. Through shooting, I have met some amazing people that I plan to keep in touch with even when I'm old and senile. Shooting has also solidified who I am, and what I stand for. Also, a big shout out to my fellow first responders who are selflessly helping people through their holiday season. Another shout out to the brave men and women who are currently protecting us from afar.

-- Amber English, 2013 National Skeet Champion

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