Progressive Position Pistol National Postal Program: Competition is Just a Click Away

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (February 11, 2012)

PPPUSA Shooting (USAS) announces amendments to the Progressive Position Pistol (PPP) National Postal program to increase participation and ease of use. The PPP National Postal Program offers clubs the opportunity to compete against each other without incurring travel costs and other fees. USAS has eliminated the need for registration, a USAS membership and registration fees to encourage greater involvement from clubs across the nation.

The PPP National Postal Program will host three postal matches during 2013. To participate, clubs simply schedule a club or individual match and complete the 40 shot match before the postmark date indicated in the program. If the Orion scoring system is used, the club administrator sends the data file to Orion (no fees involved). Otherwise, paper targets are sent to either Orion or Ole Mill Range for scoring depending on the hosting club's location. All scores will be posted to the Orion Results page and team/individual medals will be distributed in the mail.

Photo Dawn FaughtNot only does the program offer increased competition for developing pistol shooters, but now it is cost-free to participants-no fees, USAS membership or online registration required. Importantly, it affords clubs and shooters the opportunity to compare scores across the country with other individuals and teams.

"The PPP National Postal Program is excellent practice for those interested in competing in the PPP National Championships," said Youth Programs and Athlete Development Manager Michael Theimer. "USAS is committed to developing the next generation of champions and the PPP program is one of the best avenues for success in youth pistol shooting."

Thanks to the generous contributions of USAS Certified Training Center, the Ole Mill Range Shooting Complex and Orion scoring systems, the PPP National Postal Program will provide medals not only for individuals but also team competition. Additionally, Orion and the Ole Mill Range Shooting Complex will handle the paper target scoring for each of the three postal matches free of charge.

For more information, please download the PPP National Postal Program.