A SHOOTING SPORT MOM IS . . . Olympians Express Mother's Day Thoughts

FT. BENNING, Ga. (May 11, 2013)

The shooting sports being a family affair, it's only right that we extend best wishes to all the mom's out there that help form the great personalities, champions and competitors that comprise this sport.  Simply put, a mother's special touch is that elixir to a better world and their influence in our sport is unmatched even if it all to often goes unnoticed. 

In our words, a SHOOTING MOM is . .

 . . .  A shooting mom is the encouragement necessary when a round/match goes bad; 

. . . A shooting mom is the silent smile at the end of a perfect round or great match;

. . . A shooting mom is the taxi service that allows you the practice rounds necessary to become great; 

. . . A shooting mom is a window to another world when escape from the rigors of training/competition is necessary; 

. . . A shooting mom is the voice of reason even when you think  reason doesn't exist; 

. . . A shooting mom never loses sight of the target; 

. . . A shooting mom will always be better than the 10.9 or 25-straight; 

. . . A shooting mom won't fail you even if your gun or confidence does; 

We  asked our 2012 Olympic Team members to respond to the difference their mom's have made in their career and these were  the three responses we received. 

Frank Thompson, 2012 Olympian (To Mom Vicki)

My mother has always been a big support for me. From the beginning, my mom has always been there with us. When the family shot archery, she would always come with us, carry the raincoats, and cheer us on.  Finally after many years, we talked her into shooting with us. Then dad and I got into shotgun shooting, and when I needed a puller or ride to Colorado Springs, Mom was there to help out. She would stay at home and watch the cattle for a couple days so my Dad could come watch me shoot and then switch out with him for a day or two so she could come watch too.  She has many times sat at home and followed my plane on the computer screen when I was on the way to a World Cup and then up in the middle of the night to check the calving cows and scores of my match. Whenever I come home to help, she is always there to have a good home cooked meal after the day and always ready with a good breakfast to start the day.  She is always pushing for me to get better and just a phone call away.  I couldn't have gotten this far without her. Thanks for everything Mom, love Frank. 

Matt Emmons, 3-time Olympian (To Mom Gloria & Wife Katy)

I have two mom’s I need to talk about who have influenced my shooting career, but more importantly my  life. First is my own mom. I’ll always remember two things she always used to tell me growing up: Anything is possible in life and if there’s a will, there’s a way. I have never forgotten those two things and they are, indeed, true. Next, is my wife, the mother our our daughter and soon-to-be baby. Everyone knows my wife is also an elite shooter, but she has been by my side through thick and thin on and off the shooting range for the past 7 years. She’s a wonderful mom, someone I can’t live without, and my source of strength when times are tough. Thanks, ladies! Love you both.

Jamie Gray, 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist (To Mom Karen)

Words can't begin to describe how supportive my mother has been in my life. I started playing soccer when I was five years old and baseball and basketball when I was six. My mom toted me to every single practice and game starting at age five. I started shooting BB gun when I was eight. Even though my mom doesn't know every in and out about shooting she was still at every match. From age five until I graduated high school every sporting event I played in or shot in my mom attended. A kid can't ask for a more supportive mother growing up. 

Starting when I was age 9 shooting matches became our family vacation. My brother shot competitive BB Gun as well, so when he made his first championship team our family started traveling to Bowling Green, KY every year. This took the place of family vacations. We have too many memories from our BB Gun days to recall, but I can't thank my mom enough for putting all of her time and passion into my brother and I to try to meet our goals. Without this support I would have never been able to see the American flag being raised on the top stand of the podium in London.  

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