Colt, Talo Distributors and Pete Single Create Custom Colt Pistol in Support of USA Shooting Team

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (July 30, 2013)

In partnership with the USA Shooting Team, Colt, Talo Distributors and Pete Single came together to create a custom Wiley Clapp Government 1911. Special raffle tickets went on sale for $40 each to kick-off the National Rifle Association (NRA) Show, May 18-21 and were sold by USA Shooting Team members and Talo Distributors through July 1. Wendell C. McCollom (Houston, Texas) was the lucky winner.

Gun collectors and USA Shooting Team fans bought chances to win the one-of-a-kind pistol helping provide $11,000 in support of the USA Shooting Team.  The custom 1911 pistol, chambered in .45 ACP, received the care and attention of master metalsmith Pete Single. 

“Pete donated his time and effort on this Colt and the man is an absolute perfectionist,” said Bob Coyle of TALO Distributors. “The gun is a marvel. He turns most work away due to the high demand. It is only because he is a friend of Wiley and believes in the mission of the USA Shooting Team that he put all of this effort into this gun.”

“Once again we’re humbled by the generosity of the shooting sports industry for all they do in support of the USA Shooting Team,” said Buddy DuVall, USA Shooting Team Foundation Executive Director. “The efforts of Colt, TALO and Pete created a signature firearm that generates the energy and enthusiasm necessary to make fundraisers like this possible. We would like to thank everyone that purchased tickets and those that facilitated ticket sales. Your support of the team is greatly appreciated.”

TALO is a wholesale buying cooperative serving the independent sporting goods dealer since 1965 and consists of 14 distributors across the United States.  TALO has proudly supported the USA Shooting Team over the past 15 years with money raised by selling special edition firearms.  

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