One Year Later: Jamie Gray

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (August 4, 2013)

On this day last year, August 4, Jamie Gray won a gold medal at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Whether she is in or out of shooting season, she never misses an opportunity to tell her story. Staying true to her “loud and outgoing” personality, she is deeply admired and respected and continues to introduce people to the shooting sports whenever she has the chance. We look back to this very ‘golden’ moment of August 4, 2012.

 How has life changed for you since London? I have been battling a back injury since 2010 and finally had the time to try to take care of my body so I have not shot since the Olympics. I have since relocated to Montana and have been doing extensive rehab to get back to shooting condition. I am very close to 100% and will begin shooting again August 1.

Has your success in this sport changed you as a person or how people react to you? I don't think it has changed me as a person. I will always be me - loud and outgoing Jamie. There was a big difference coming back from the Games finishing 4 and 5 versus with a gold medal. I have had many more opportunities to tell my story and introduce people to the shooting sports in the general public.

 Looking back now with perspective, what was that moment like and what is the one moment you’ll remember about that day forever? It was a dream come true to stand on the top of the podium representing the United States hearing our national anthem being played. Winning at the Olympics is something I have worked towards since I was 15 years old, and that moment and the entire match will never be forgotten. It was such a blessing to celebrate with coaches, teammates, friends, family and sponsors that helped me get to that moment.

 Where’s one place your medal has been since it got put around your neck, someplace your fans wouldn’t believe? Truck-bed toolbox. Yes, I did a speaking event and went out to eat after the event. We locked my medal in the locking truck bed toolbox instead of leaving it in the glove box.