One Year Later: Matt Emmons

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (August 6, 2013)

August 6, marks exactly 365 days since Matt Emmons won a bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympic Games. His humble personality has inspired others to achieve their dreams, while also remembering their own core values and the real reasons behind the goals they set. Even Emmons himself says it’s “hard to believe it’s already been a year.” We reflect back to the moment on August 6, 2012, when Emmons won the third medal of his career.

How has life changed for you since London? Life’s changed quite a bit since London, but not because of winning my medal. Katy and I moved permanently to her home country of the Czech Republic, so that’s been a pretty big change and quite a bit of work, but it’s been good. Katy also gave birth to our son, Martin, back in June. 

Has your success in this sport changed you as a person or how people react to you? I don’t believe success itself has changed me as a person at all. One of my core values has always been to remain humble no matter what I achieve. I will say, however, that the things I’ve had to learn to be successful in a multitude of situations have changed me. As far as how people treat me, that all depends on the situation. Inside and outside of shooting, I’ve come across people who idolize me, or are scared to talk to me because of what I’ve done in sport. While very flattering and humbling, it makes me smile, but also makes me a little uncomfortable because I want people to understand that I’m just a normal person like them. Also, here in the Czech Republic, pretty much everyone knows about Katy and me. It takes a little getting used to when you go somewhere and people know who you are, but at the same time it really makes you feel good because people care about what you’re doing.

Looking back now with perspective, what was that moment like and what is the one moment you’ll remember about that day forever? Even though it’s a year later, I think it will take quite a while longer to look back on London with “perspective.” My life has gone though so many changes since London, in some ways, I haven’t had the chance to think much about the experience. I believe it will take more time to properly digest it all. To answer the question, though, it’s difficult to summarize the “moment” because it was a long day filled with about every emotion you can imagine. The whole day, up until the final was over, was stressful. I knew exactly what to expect and I had a plan that I followed, but competing that day and succeeding was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. When it comes to the final, I was physically shaking at times. The moment I saw the results board and saw I was bronze, however, was utter relief. I remember thinking, “I did it! I did it! My God, I’m glad that’s over with.” I was also extremely happy because my good buddy, Nicco Campriani just shot two new Olympic records and won the gold. That was cool. I’ll remember a lot of things about that day for a long time.

Where’s one place your medal has been since it got put around your neck, someplace your fans wouldn’t believe?  Hmm... an interesting place my medal has been?? Honestly, except for being in a drawer next to my bed, it’s just gone with me to various shows/meet-and-greets.

For video highlights of the 2012 Olympic Final of Men's Three-Position Rifle, click here:  

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