Memorandum of Understanding Adopted, Blue Ribbon Panel Formed to Resolve USA Shooting’s Grievances

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (October 23, 2015)

On Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015, representatives of USA Shooting’s leadership met with representatives of athletes and other members of USA Shooting to mediate a Complaint filed with the United States Olympic Committee.  The meeting was facilitated by United States Olympic Committee-appointed mediator Paul E. George and resulted in the execution of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the parties that resolves the USOC Complaint, as well as several other pending grievances within USA Shooting.  The MOU provides for the appointment of a “Blue Ribbon” working group to conduct an extensive review of USA Shooting’s Bylaws and relevant policies, ensuring the sport’s governance meets or exceeds universally agreed-upon best practices and enables USA Shooting to support its mission of preparing elite athletes for success and of growing the sport.  

“USA Shooting is extremely pleased to bring these controversial issues toward resolution thus allowing all to return complete focus to our mission of preparing athletes for success in competition,” said USA Shooting Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer Robert Mitchell.  “We’re anxious to make this organization better now and for our future.”

The “Blue Ribbon” working group will include seven members: two representatives from USA Shooting, one of whom will be Robert Mitchell; two athlete representatives, one of whom will be Mary Weeks, USA Shooting’s athlete representative to the USOC’s Athletes’ Advisory Council; and three independent representatives appointed by the USOC. The USOC will also appoint a chair of the working group, who will be one of the independent members.

“I am honored to help represent our athletes on this working group,” said Mary Weeks.  “And I’m confident that this group, along with the experience and support of the USOC, will help USA Shooting become an NGB that will set the standard for good governance, transparency and athlete support in the future.”

In addition to reviewing USA Shooting’s Bylaws and relevant policies, the working group has jurisdiction to address topics that it deems relevant including, but not limited to:  board structure, election procedures, grievance and dispute resolution procedures, number and composition of committees, athlete development, and athlete selection procedures.  It is intended that the review and any subsequent updates of USA Shooting’s Bylaws and relevant policies will be completed for action at USA Shooting’s March 12, 2016 board meeting.

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