ELEY Announces 2016-17 High School All-American Program

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (October 11, 2016)

As part of USA Shooting’s 10.9 Day festivities, ELEY has announced the continuance of its High School All-American Program for rifle shooting and has laid out this year’s criteria and eligible matches. 

The program began last year with 13 inaugural athletes being recognized from throughout the country.  ELEY started the program to begin recognizing great high school rifle talent throughout the country.  

Every October 9 (10.9), USA Shooting celebrates the pursuit of perfection by our athletes and shooting sports community.  A 10.9 in our sport is the mark of perfection, proof positive that excellence has been achieved. That’s the goal if you’re shooting over a half a football field away and aiming at a target measuring no more than the width of a dime or whether you’re standing 33 feet away trying to punch pellets into a bulls eye no bigger than the period at the end of this sentence. Excellence is a virtue of your USA Shooting Team and on 10.9, we encourage our community to aim for excellence in all the shots they take in life. 

ELEY is encouraging high school shooting athletes to pursue their own excellence academically and in the sport with the establishment of this program. The top-10 averages in both air and smallbore Rifle will be recognized as a HS All-American. The scores that will are used included certain USA Shooting sanctioned matches and some Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) sanctioned air rifle matches. Athletes will need to fire a certain amount of matches out of the list to be eligible for HS All-American. A per-shot average will be calculated from the scores submitted. Each HS All-American will receive a number coin and certificate of achievement. The top average in each event will receive an ELEY Tenex test at the U.S. test facility in Winters, Texas along with 2500 rounds of selected Tenex ammunition. 

HS All-American eligibility criteria includes being an American citizen and a full-time high school student with a cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher.  The athlete must fire a minimum of three scores from a variety of national-level matches. 

2016-2017 list of matches (subject to change):

  • Dixie Double (Nov 4-6, 2016) Air Only (2 matches)
  • Winter Airgun (Dec 2-4, 2016) Air Only (3 matches)
  • Junior Olympic State Qualifier (Dec 2016/Jan 2017) Air and SB (1 match each)
  • Rifle Selection (Jan 2017) Smallbore Only (2 matches, if available)
  • Camp Perry Open (Jan 13-15, 2017) Air Only (2 matches)
  • IWK Hochbrueck 2017 in Munich (Jan 2017) Air Only (2 matches)
  • Rocky Mountain Championships (Feb 6-12, 2017) Air and SB (2 matches each)
  • National Junior Olympics (April 7-25, 2017) Air and SB (2 matches each)
  • USA Shooting Nationals (June 25-July 2, 2017) Air and SB (2 matches each)
  • All ISSF World Cup competition only (MQS and Elimination rounds will not count) that lie before May 31, 2017

2015-16 ELEY HS All-American Team

  • Jacob Buchanan is the reigning Junior National Champion in Prone Rifle. He's currently in his freshman season at Ohio State University.Jacob Buchanan (Air Rifle, Smallbore)
  • Emily Cock (Air Rifle)
  • Elizabeth Dutton (Smallbore)
  • Daniel Enger (Air Rifle)
  • Ian Foos (Air Rifle)
  • Ariel Hall (Air Rifle, Smallbore)
  • Angeline Henry (Air Rifle, Smallbore)
  • Sarah Hickey (Air Rifle)
  • Jarrett Lash (Smallbore)
  • Catherine Miller (Air Rifle, Smallbore)
  • Zachary Schmidt (Smallbore)
  • William Shaner (Air Rifle, Smallbore)
  • Hailee Sigmon (Air Rifle) 

For full details, check out the ELEY website: 

For more information, contact 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist & ELEY rep Jamie Corkish at

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