USA Shooting Community to Shoot for Excellence this 10.9 Day

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (October 7, 2016)

There’s no greater defining moment in our sport than in seeing a 10.9 illuminate from the scoring monitor.  Ginny Thrasher executed one on her way to Olympic gold in Rio earlier this summer, and Sunday, October 9 (10.9) we’re encouraging the shooting sports community to shoot for excellence. Happy 10. 9 Day! 

With the qualification scores thrown out and 20 shots to gold, Thrasher showed no fear right from the very beginning, firing a perfect 10.9 score on her very first shot, showcasing that steely determination that got her to Rio. She’d take over the lead halfway through the Final and somewhat coast to victory by a one-point margin, a relatively large gap in this precise sport.  

A 10.9 in our sport is the mark of perfection, proof positive that excellence has been achieved. That’s the goal if you’re shooting over a half a football field away and aiming at a target measuring no more than the width of a dime or whether you’re standing 33 feet away trying to punch pellets into a bulls eye no bigger than the period at the end of this sentence. Excellence is a virtue of your USA Shooting Team and on 10.9, we’d like to encourage our community to aim for excellence in all the shots you take in life.  

Thrasher’s Olympic teammates Michael McPhail and Matt Emmons helped get the meter started on 10.9s shot this weekend at the World Cup Final matches in Bologna, Italy.  McPhail got the meter going on his way to a victory with five 10.9s shot Thursday, including three in the Final.  Emmons scored one on the 28th shot of his match.  Thrasher will try to add some 10.9s to her legacy as she competes Saturday in Air Rifle. 

In this country, we take pride in making up days to celebrate anything – donuts, pirates and even our bosses.  At USA Shooting, we know a good celebration when we see one and traditionally that’s been as a result of medal-worthy performances set down by our athletes.   

In the course of human events, excellence and the pursuit thereof, has always been rewarded whether it was landing on the moon, winning an Olympic medal, or overcoming personal hurdles and obstacles. This day is in recognition of that pursuit, both for those that achieved excellence and for those continuing to strive for it. Every day on the calendar is a silent monument to those epic hours in humanity and remarkable feats of strength and heroism. 10.9 is the day we’re recognizing those moments in time when the ordinary became extraordinary and when jaws were dropped. On this day, and everyday thereafter, strive for excellence in all that you do and may every shot you take in life be in pursuit of the highest mark, your 10.9.    

NCAA College Rifle Makes 10.9 a Community Event 

To celebrate the excellence in our sport, we’re joining with our NCAA Rifle community this year to recognize all 10.9s.  Schools competing Saturday, Sunday and Monday will report all 10.9s shot during their collegiate rifle matches shot.  USA Shooting sponsors ELEY and PODIUM are stepping up to provide either a box of ELEY MATCH or PODIUM PELLETS for every 10.9 shot in these matches.  USA Shooting will provide that ammunition to specific junior clubs for the past four Olympic/Paralympic medal winners including Jamie Corkish, Matt Emmons, Ginny Thrasher and McKenna Dahl.

NCAA Rifle Matches on 10.9 Weekend

October 7 -         Ole Miss Open – Ole Miss vs. Murray State

October 8 -         Wofford vs. Alabama Birmingham

                                Navy hosting Coast Guard & USciences

                                Akron vs. John Jay

                                Alaska Fairbanks vs. Air Force

                                University of Texas El Paso vs. Nevada Reno

                                Kentucky vs. North Georgia

October 9 -         Navy vs. Memphis

                                Alaska Fairbanks vs. Texas Christian University

October 10 -       Army hosting Memphis & MIT

                                Texas Christian University vs. Air Force (at UAF) 

Help us spread the word about 10.9 Day! 

Get involved in the spirit of 10.9 day by making people in your social circles aware of this day honoring the USA Shooting Team.  We know not everyone has shot that elusive 10.9, what’s important is encouraging and celebrating people who help us on that path toward excellence. We hope you’ll share your experiences of your first 10.9, what a 10.9 means to you, stories of great shooting, hard training or the people in your life who help you be a better shooter.

Here’s a great video produced by the National Training Center (NTC) Junior Rifle Program in Colorado Springs that helps put into motion what 10.9 Day means to us. 

Here are some ways you can help too:

  • Use hashtag #ten9day on ALL of your social media posts this. If you post anything about great shooting, please add the #ten9day hashtag. 
  • Make your own 10.9 Day video message and tag us on your social media wishing folks a Happy 10.9 Day! Think of it like a holiday greeting you might do for Christmas or New Year’s Day. 
  • Need some ideas of what to post? Here are a few ideas but we WELCOME your own take on what a 10.9 means to you this day (Above all – have fun with it!)
    • You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Wayne Gretzky  #ten9day
    • Aim for excellence in all the shots you take in life! #ten9day
    • Wishing you Good Shooting this 10.9 Day! #ten9day
    • Practice makes perfect. #ten9day
    • I’m not just a 10, I’m a 10.9 #ten9day 
  • Be sure to follow us on social media and share/re-tweet/like/favorite our content throughout the day!

Check out our 10.9 webpage at 

Get 10.9 Percent OFF USA Shooting Merchandise 

Get your USA Shooting merchandise at a discounted rate starting at 12:01 am Saturday all the way through 10.9 Day.  Go to our store ( and enter the promo code ten9day to get your 10.9 percent off discount throughout the weekend.  

Participate to Win USA Shooting Prizes 

What would a celebration be without giveaways? Sponsors ELEY & Podium are joining in on the spirit of the day and we are set to give away some great prizes.   Here’s a few things you can do to try and earn yourself a prize pack: 

  • Show us in words, pictures (with caption) or video why shooting is your Olympic sport.
  • Post a photo of your top shooting teammate, friend and/or USA Shooting Team member and tell us what makes them the great shot they are.
  • Upload a photo of yourself and tell us how you strive for excellence, or how you plan to strive for excellence?
  • Tell us the three things you feel are the most important ingredients to shooting 10.9s and reaching excellence?
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