2020 Winter Airgun Vendor Policy Agreement and Application Information

USA Shooting is pleased to accommodate vendors, suppliers, exhibitors, and those providing services at our 2020 Winter Airgun event. This year’s event will take place at both Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) locations in Camp Perry, Ohio and Anniston, Alabama and both spaces can accommodate vendors. Please note that vendors in Anniston, Alabama will be set up outside, and vendors at Camp Perry, Ohio will be set up in a separate building 

Those interested must email or by Thursday, November 12, 2020 and include:  

  • Full Name 
  • Contact Telephone 
  • Contact Email 
  • Name of Company 
  • Location requested for set up (Camp Perry, Ohio or Anniston, Alabama) 
  • Dates requested for set up (December 17-20 

Once accepted, all persons agree to follow the below policies. Please email or with any questions 

  • Vendors must make their request to participate by filling out the above application by Thursday, November 12th 
    • Requests must include the amount of space desired 
  • USAS will allocate the space available per vendor and the specific set-up location no later than December 12th  
  • This will include vending parameters, any restrictions, hours, location, etc.  
  • Vendors must observe the operating hours of the facility (7:30a - 8:00p; hours may be subject to change depending on final competitor registration number). For instance, vendors should be prepared to enter/leave the CMP location at the scheduled time of opening/closing. 
  • USAS will accommodate vendors on a first-come, first-served basis.  
  • Exhibitor & sales fee structure (This fee includes the setup space for one 6-foot table): 
    • Fifty dollars ($50.00) per day 
    • All fees are due upon arrival prior to setup. 
    • Larger space allocations/set-ups greater than one 6-8ft table may incur an additional fee. 
    • State and local sales tax are the responsibility of the vendor. 
  • Vendors are responsible for their own set-up and take-down, to include all cleaning of their space.  
  • Vendors must abide by allocated space provided by CMP to avoid interfering with USAS staff, CMP staff, match officials, athletes, or volunteers at the event 
  • Vendors must follow all required COVID-19 guidelines outlined in the match program 
  • Vendors are entirely responsible for their wares, monies, and materials or equipment. USA Shooting and CMP is not responsible or liable for any damage, theft, or non-fortuitous conditions. 
  • USA Shooting and CMP reserves the right to deny vendor requests or ask the vendors to halt their activities at the discretion of USAS.