Tokyo 2020 Olympic Shotgun Athlete, Kayle Browning and Junior Shotgun Athlete, Amy Cawley Share a Passion for Creating Shooting Sports Content


Kayle Browning (left) and Amy Cawley (right), Photo courtesy of Kayle Browning

Kayle Browning, a member of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Trap Shooting Team, and Amy Cawley, a successful High School Clay Target League Athlete, Scholastic Clay Target Program Athlete, and NRA/USA Shooting Shotgun Coach, have used newfound time during the COVID-19 pandemic to expand their reach across different platforms. 

Luckily for us, the two young women recently met, and worlds (and content) collided. 

Kayle and Amy have a lot in common. Including their passion for content creation that inspires the current and future generation of shooting athletes and their individual, highly successful achievements in shooting sports.  

Kayle and David Radulovich spun up Beyond the Podium Podcast in April 2020. Beyond the Podium features guests like USA Shooting Physical Therapist Dr. Matt Zanis, Blue Angels Pilot Brandon Hempler, and now Amy Cawley.  

But podcasts are not Kayle’s first content creation endeavor. Kayle has been a YouTube creator since March 2020. We’ll never forget the announcement of the Tokyo Games postponement and Kayle’s reaction video on YouTube. Her raw reaction blended with her genuine positive attitude racked up over 1,000 views.  

It’s no wonder Kayle and David have been so successful with their podcast. Focusing on the mental aspects of the shooting sports including resources and tangible tactics are valuable to shooting athletes of all levels and abilities.  

In the beginning, Amy wanted an outlet to document her shooting athletic career. Thus, @her_shooting_journey Instagram was established. Fast forward six months later, and she has gained over 1,000 followers. 

Around the same time as @her_shooting_journey was gaining traction, so was her shooting sports career. Junior Shooters magazine approached Amy as an athlete, but quickly recruited her as a featured writer. She took this opportunity and simply excelled, even creating a popular Instagram account for the brand, where she runs successful social media campaigns and highlights up-and-coming junior shooting athletes. 

It’s no coincidence Amy and Kayle finally met in person.  

"My mom has told me my whole life to talk to people who are where you want to be," said Amy. "I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to not only meet Kayle but speak with her on her podcast and hear about how she has gotten to where she is today. I learned so much and I can’t express how thankful I am to both Kayle and David for mentoring me over those few days they were in Rochester." 

Amy, a New York native, drove 45 minutes to meet Kayle and watch her shoot at Rochester Brooks Range. What she ended up getting was so much more. Kayle and David had Amy as a guest on their most recent podcast episode that went live August 12th. After recording, Kayle and David took it upon themselves to offer Amy a lesson in sporting clays. 

“It was really neat to meet Amy and her family. She said she has looked up to me for a really long time and it was cool to run into her on her home range unexpectedly and connect with her,” said Kayle. “We hit it off right away and I ended up doing some lessons with her and then that turned into having her on the podcast. She’s a great shot, has a lot of talent, and has a lot of passion for the sport. Juniors like her are the future of our sport and she’s a great role model for up and coming shooters. I enjoyed sitting down talking with Amy and learning how she got involved in the shooting sports. Especially in a state (New York) that has strict rules for firearms. I look forward to working with her on growing her shooting skills in the future!” 

A few weeks ago, in coordination with the #OneYearOut campaign to the Tokyo Olympic Games, Kayle started the #365Challenge which “challenges” shooting athletes to focus on at least one aspect of the sport each day for an entire year until the games.   

Kayle will make her Olympic debut next summer in Tokyo, encouraging herself and inspiring others to train each day until then. Amy will continue her shooting journey during her senior year of high school, with hopes of continuing her shooting career at the collegiate level and beyond. Without a doubt, both athletes and young women will continue to document their journeys for the world to see. More importantly, they will both continue to inspire current and future shooting athletes. 

Listen to Beyond the Podium Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever else you listen to podcasts. Be sure to check out episode 17 featuring Junior Shooter, Amy Cawley.