TikToks and Triumph: How Ginny Thrasher is Advancing USA Shooting’s Online Reputation

Ginny Thrasher has been taking the social media world by storm recently, with the goal of spreading knowledge and awareness regarding the sport of Olympic style shooting.  


Using short 30 second videos and fun trends, she is slowly building a fan base of supporters and fellow shooters of all ages. 


“I’ve been really enjoying building my online presence recently. For me, it’s a chance to represent my sport in a way that brings enthusiasm and positivity, which will hopefully encourage more people to join or follow shooting," says 2016 Air Rifle Olympic Champion, Ginny Thrasher. "It’s been really gratifying to post a video with a book recommendation or training tips and hear back from a high school rifle shooter that it really made a difference. Right now, shooting athletes are my main audience but I think other athletes will find our sport very interesting and can learn a lot from the mental aspects of shooting 

Her next move? Cross discipline collaboration.

“My page isn’t just for rifle shooters. I think all shooting athletes can benefit from a lot of the same information. When I first came out with a drill book for Rifle/Pistol athletes, it was so successful, and I immediately wanted to do a shotgun one too. But I’m not a shotgun shooter so I knew I would need a great partner to make it the best book it could be," added Ginny.

This led to Thrasher asking Dania Vizzi, World Champion in Women’s Skeet Shooting and social media maven herself, to partner on releasing a shotgun drill book. 



The drill booklet features 12 drills created by Ginny and Dania and is suitable for shotgun shooters of any level or discipline (Trap, skeet, bunker, sporting clays). Ginny and Dania recently extended the deadline of sale until after Ginny’s Instagram Live with two-time Olympic Champion, Vincent Hancock on Sunday, April 25th. Another example of shooters across disciplines uniting to share their knowledge for the next generation.  

“Working with some of my friends and world-class teammates in the shooting world has been great for me to help build this community and bridge any gaps between shooters of different ages, levels, or disciplines. I don’t know exactly what the future will hold for my social media presence but based on the last few months, I can’t wait to find out,” adds Ginny.  

Follow Ginny on her Road to Tokyo and to support a whole community of USA Shooting athletes on: Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter, and TikTok. You can also visit her website to learn more.