July 2020 Leadership Letter

Dear USA Shooting community, 

Thank you for your continued support and feedback on our ongoing Membership Newsletter as we continue to promote clear communication and work towards our goal of bringing our community together as one 

This month, we announced the hire of Matt Suggs as USA Shooting CEOWhile his official first day is August 1, rest assured that Matt has already spent time getting up to speed and assimilating himself into the community. Please read this month’s member profile, where we gain a deeper understanding of Matt’s passions for USA Shooting and the bright future he envisions ahead.  

The exciting CEO announcement was preceded with news of our decision to cancel Shotgun National Championships and Junior Olympics. This decision came with heavy hearts, but we are quickly moving forward and thinking of ways to keep our athletes involved and competitive in safe and fair ways. The impact of this decision was felt across our membership, and we are listening and thinking of additional opportunities and support for our athletes. We will continue to communicate with our membership via email with any changes or updates.  

Make sure to click on our special membership benefit by Lockton Affinity which provides exclusive insurance programs tailored specifically to fulfill the needs of competitive shooting athletescoaches, and clubs. Read more about our sponsor TALO Distributors and consider purchasing one of the 2020 Commemorative USA Shooting rifles to help support our Olympic Team and help #RaisetheFlag 

Please continue to let us know if you would like to nominate a fellow USA Shooting member for our monthly member profile. We have a great community with many inspiring stories, so help us get their story out.  

I look forward to being on the other side of this leadership letter next month, reading Matt’s first letter to our community in our August edition. We have a bright future ahead.  

Thank you for your support, 
Sharee Waldron 
Chief Operations Officer